The Sabzi Questionnaire: Jennifer Reese


It’s another edition of the Sabzi Questionnaire! I hope you guys have been enjoying these as much as I have. I love introducing you to my favorite people in the world of food and food writing. Today, I’m excited to present my interview with Jennifer Reese, the author of Make the Bread, Buy the Butter…. 

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Dinner for one

Greens sandwich

Matt was recently out of town for a few days, which meant I got to do something I don’t do very often: make meals for one. That one being myself. I was partially excited because I imagined gorging myself on side dishes that I wouldn’t normally qualify as a full meal to serve others –… 

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Walnut Cake

photo 1(15)

The walnut is probably my favorite of all nuts. That probably has something to do with my northern Iranian heritage. Although we eat all kinds of nuts in Iran (and the fresh almonds from the north are particularly precious), walnuts feature quite prominently in dishes such as Fesenjan, which is a walnut and pomegranate stew… 

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Friday links, vol. 10


I found this little contraption at a thrift store. It was made in France, came in the original box, and what can I say…I find this kind of object irresistible. I hope I put it to some use soon. It seems like every day there is a new food publication or website. I’m not complaining!… 

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The Sabzi Questionnaire: Jess Allen

Trattoria Mario

When I thought about creating the Sabzi Questionnaire as a regular feature, my ulterior motives were no secret. I love questionnaires, I will read just about anyone’s, and when the subjects are people I already find charming and interesting, well, there’s almost no kind of reading I find more fun. So of course I wanted… 

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Friday links, vol. 9


Happy Friday, everyone! We are breaking our Friday night pizza ritual tonight to host a couple of friends for dinner. I’m going all out Marcella for the meal: risotto with clams, fennel salad, and her walnut cake for dessert, with whipped cream. I decided to be lazy for the first course and resort to purchased… 

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